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My business started out as Byte Slaves computing in February of 2001. I was a solo business person for several years. My specialty was on site computer repair. And boy was I busy! In 2007 I hired a couple of employees and got us an office in downtown Bothell. Before you could say lickety split I had three field technicians and an office manager. But the economic downturn and a blown Achilles tendon in 2009 pretty much took the wind out of our sales, er, sails. By 2010 I was on my own again, and people were less interested in repairing broken PCs.

Seeing the writing on the wall, I changes the focus of my business from repair to more of a software support and consulting model. I have found that entrepreneurs make up a large portion of the local business community. These folks have only a few are under served when it comes to their IT needs. I am committed to finding ways to serve the small business community.