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Remote Support is a quick and easy way for me to provide support to your PC or Mac. Simply click the appropriate button above to download the single-use Applet. Once downloaded, simply double click the downloaded file to install the program. Then call me up to get a PIN code (you can also use your pre-paid Calling Card). Enter the PIN code or Calling Card number and I can access your computer just as if I were sitting in from of it! Once we’re finished, you or I can end the session and the Applet uninstalls itself.

Remote Support is a great solution for getting your “how to” questions answered as well. I will
walk you through the solution you’re looking for and then provide you with a recording of our session for future reference.

If you’re a Monitoring client, you will already have a permanent agent installed on your system. All you need to do is give me a call and I can start a remote session.

If you would like a transcript of your remote support session, please let me know at the beginning of our session.

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