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Step 2 - The Fine Print and Payment

By clicking on the “Subscribe” button you agree that you are signing up for at least one month of Mill Creek Technology’s monitoring services. These services require you to install one or more software agents that provide performance information concerning your computer(s). You will also need to provide Mill Creek Technology Services (MCTS) with an Administrator-level user name and password for each device you wish for us to monitor. That login information should only be given to MCTS by phone or in person. MCTS will only ise this information to log in to your computers with your expressed permission. MCTS will protect the login credentials is such a way as to comply with any guidelines or requirements your organization deems necessary. MCTS cannot be responsible for any down time or outages caused by changes made to these credentials.

Monthly payment for services only covers services performed automatically or performed or performed during normal business hours. Any additional services or services outside of normal business hours may be performed at additional expense ad will be invoiced separately. MCTS monitoring services are subscription services and will be billed at the beginning of each billing period based on the date you enrolled in the service.

By subscribing to MCTS Monitoring services, you agree to allow us to collect the full monthly amount due for monitoring of your system(s). You agree to manage your subscription(s) to our service(s) through PayPal. All services will renew automatically unless you cancel them through PayPal or in writing to MCTS. MCTS will not provide refunds for any service(s).

Once again, you argot the terms of our
Service Level Agreement. If you have questions or would like to execute a detailed Service Level Agreement (SLA), please contact us.

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