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    100% American Help Desk Support

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    We offer affordable Help desk services to anyone who needs help with their technology. Whether its PC, Mac, or movie device w’re here to give you answers. You can call us t 425-482-9529, open a Trouble Ticket, request Remote Support or simply browse our FAQs. No contract required and you don’t have to be a current customer to take advantage if this awesome service!

    Network and Computer Monitoring

    We Manage Mobile Devices If Lost or Stolen

    Get Help With Planning oor Organizing Your IT Environment

    Third-Party Software Amd Products

    Mill Creek Technology Services is primarily a services company. However, we realize many of our clients need products or services we can’t or don’t provide. So here is a page that has links to trusted affiliate partners. We make a buck or two off of these, and you get some amazing products at a fair price. Please take a look at thesee, and send us your feedback.

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    Anti-Virus software

    One Year Coverage
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